Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Diana's Bananas Feature

Oh my goodness it's been hot here the past couple days!  Hot, sticky, sweaty and the perfect time to indulge in some frozen deliciousness!  I was pretty thrilled when the folks over at Diana's Bananas contacted me to see if I wanted to check out their products.  Bananas?  Chocolate?  What's not to love? 
Dianas Bananas started in the mid 80's at the Taste of Chicago.  They searched for the best banana and use the best, all natural chocolate in their fantastic recipe.  They've worked hard over the past 25 years to ensure they offer the best frozen chocolate dipped banana around.  Seriously, these bananas are smooth and delicious, they taste like banana ice cream.  Blissful happiness on a stick!  Their promise to you? "Our healthful, fresh and spectacularly delicious bananas represent our total commitment to quality and our devotion to creating a product that satisfies you with every bite. And while we at Diana’s Bananas enjoy a laugh as much as anyone, when it comes to delivering the world’s best chocolate dipped frozen banana™, we’re not monkeying around."

Their products...Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies Milk Chocolate - Yummy, a banana dipped in perfect milk chocolate?  What's not to love?  Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies Dark Chocolate - My girls love these, the perfect treat on a stick!  Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies Milk Chocolate & Peanuts - For the nut lover, these do not disappoint! Banana Bites - I LOVE these banana bites!  Such a deliciously cool, satisfing treat.  Love at first bite, no joke!
Follow Diana's Bananas on Facebook, Twitter and Check out their website to find store locations or to place an online order.  Even if Diana's Bananas aren't around you, you can still order some! 
Please note, I did receive some Dianas Bananas to try for this feature but I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I love to garden and I love flowers!  Every year I try a variety of plants from seed or tiny seedlings.  Some work, some don't but I'm happy to say COLEUS is one plant that just works for us.  Our backyard is pretty shady so I can't have a ton of flower bearing plants.  That beings said, I still want something that's pretty and offers a variety of color.  The coleus I have surrounding our back deck offers just that.  Different shades of green, yellow, deep purple and earthy tones are so pretty and offer a tropical feel to our backdeck.  The best part?  I don't really have to "do" anything...I think I've (maybe) watered them two times?  Mother nature takes care of them for the most part and that's the BEST kind of foliage for me!  
Do you have a "go to" favorite plant that is easy and pretty for you?  I would love any suggestions - I'm always on the lookout! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunoco Free Fuel 5000 Online Decal, Play and Win!

This post has been sponsored by Sunoco Gas Credit Card however, all opinons are my own.
I'm always happy to spread the word about good deals and great prizes so I'm happy to share that Sunoco is once again offering their Free Fuel 5000 and they are giving you even more ways to win!  With The Free Fuel 5000 Online Decal Hunt, winning is as easy as posting a digital decal online!  When you share, you'll automatically have a chance at the Decal Hunt grand prize of $1,500 in Sunoco gift cards!  They are also giving away $10 daily winner gift cards!  Simply register here and share the digital decal on your website, Facebook page or Twitter to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE and daily draws!  For more information on the Free Fuel 5000 Online Decal Hunt, read the Free Fuel 5,000 Online Decal Hunt rules here.
It's super easy, here's how to enter...
  • Access the decal by filling out the form, selecting the 'website' entry method and submitting.
  • Then use the embed code to post the decal!
  • When you've done it, it will look like this...
I just became a part of the Sunoco Free Fuel 5000 Online Decal Hunt. Join the fun at for your chance at $1,500 in Sunoco gift cards!
This post has been sponsored by Sunoco Gas Credit Card however, all opinons are my own.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Craft Camp, Day 4!

Our last day of Craft Camp, was the one that was definetely the loudest!  By this day, all the girls had thoroughly gotten to know one another and were at their silliest!  This meant for a little extra dancetime and talkative.  We figured, why not end on a high note? 
For our crafts, we did some wash tape painting.  Each girl taped off their canvas and were given a pallet of paints.  In their shapes they painted a different color of their choosing.  It was great to see the different patterns and choices the girls made.  Each was one of a kind.  After they dried for about an hour, the girls removed the tape to see their creations!
Next up, the girls got a mason jar and chose a bundle of fabric to cut into 1/4 inch strips.  They coated their jars with a thin layer of glue and made their own candle jars.  Next, each painted their battery operated tealight to coordinate with their jars.  They came out very well and the girls were excited to have their own candles in their rooms!
After snacktime, the girls got to work on hairpins.  This was a craft we did last year as well and a good "extra" for a day where their focus is more on one another than their crafts. 
What a fun week! 
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