Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days of Holiday: Princess Inspired DIY Costume!

Being a Princess or another Fairytale character for Halloween is big business. Just stroll though any aisle of Target and you'll see it's mind boggling to try to decide which costume to choose!  The costumes can be pricy and itchy.  My older daughter wanted to go alongside her sister but didn't want to look like every other Anna out there. If you want a simple, Princess inspired costume, they are easy enough to create and take residual art skills.  Keep in mind, use what you have and it doesn't have to be perfect!  We are talking Halloween here people not the inauguration!

First decide which character you want to make.  Remember, the costume is "inspired" not the exact replica.  From there, grab a recycled t-shirt, paint to your heart's content!

For the Princess Anna from Frozen inspired costume, I started with a simple black t-shirt and painted directly on the t-shirt with similar colors.  I did do this freehand but you could sketch it out with a marker if desired.  I wasn't so concerned with it being perfect so I went for it. 
I checked out the clearance rack at TJMaxx and scored this size XXS women's skirt with a tiny elastic waist.  It was the perfect royal blue so it felt like it was meant to be and for $3 bucks, how could I go wrong?  I simply trimmed the bottom of the skirt so it wasn't too long.  
Lastly, I grabbed this pink shirt from the clearance rack for $2 - it was the perfect color so I thought I could deconstruct it and "make it work"!  With a little cutting, some simple stitches and a few dabs of hot glue, the cape was born! 
Not too bad for a costume that cost me about $6 in supplies and an hour or so of my time!  Riley's smiling face was all the approval I needed!  

Sometimes looking a little different than everybody else is EXACTLY what you want to be for Halloween (especially when you're ten!) 
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Holiday: Spooky Sign Decor

I love scoring deals and turning them into fun and festive projects. I don't always want to spend a ton of money on decorating for every holiday, so I try hard to keep my eyes open throughout the year for things that would work at the various holidays throughout the year. I was able to snag these simple stand picture frames at Michael's not too long ago for 90% off! If you hurry, you might be able to grab some of your own… They had them in black, white and green. What I love about these for this time of year, is that they're perfect for your Halloween Decor and will be perfect again when New Year's comes around. You simply need to take the card stock of your choice, and cut it to the shape of the frame.  From there, you can transfer scrapbook letters to complete the spooky message of your choice or freehand whatever you would like your sign to say.
These are so inexpensive and it doesn't matter if you mess up, or if you end up with something that you don't love… The fun part is creating! This is a great project for kids as well, I know my girls love to decorate the rooms all year round and this gives them a place to start that simple and fun!
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Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Ghostly Lanterns

With the weather getting seriously chilly these days, I'm starting to get concerned about the cost of oil.  Living in the Northeast, it can be really pricey to heat a home during the winter. I'm not actually talking about oil today but I'm talking about decorating for Halloween and how my budget this year is next to nothing.  I keep seeing adorable Halloween decorations all over the place but as much as I'd like to drop $100 at Pottery Barn, even Target making our home extra spooky, it's just not realistic for us this year. What I love about these GHOSTLY lanterns is that they're made of recycled material, and cost next to nothing to make! I also love that they're so versatile! So if you're not in need of lanterns, you could easily use these for festive candy displays or snack jars.  They are super easy and fun to make!

What you'll need…
  • A bunch of clean, recycle jars
  • Battery operated tea lights
  • paint marker
  • Spooky string or fabric
  1. On the surface of your clean jar, make the ghost face of your choosing and allow to dry for about two minutes
  2. Decorate with your festive string
  3. Place your tea light inside
  4. Decorate the night!
I think these are particularly adorable to place out around pumpkins on Halloween night. You could also use these to light a walkway like luminaries and don't have to worry about any costumes catching on fire! I would definitely go the safer route and use battery operated! My kids absolutely loved this fun and festive craft. We easily save up a dozen or so jars in the weeks leading up to Halloween and it's the perfect time to use them!  As an alternative, you could fill the jars with candy corn or candy and top with a lid and fabric for a friend, neighbor or spooky teacher gift.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scotties Trees Rock

Happy to share that Scotties has quickly become our favorite facial tissue!  I love that they plant 3 trees for every 1 that they use. But you may have noticed that their logo has changed and has added some cute little kitties to it!!

Scotties has sponsored adoption fees (up to $15,000) for cats across the country to help save the rescue kitties!  Happy to support this brand! 

Check out the Scotties Trees Rock Video Contest here

Tell us why you think TREES ROCK! and you could win $10,000 and other great prizes!
Please note, I did receive a promotional item in exchange for spreading the word however, as always, all opinions are my own
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